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Artists Reception for Sana Nadkarni

Please join us in honoring this eleven-year-old artist Sana Nadkarni whose works are now on exhibit in our hallways.  The public is invited.

Sana is the winner of the 2012 Massachusetts Nicholas Green Distinguished Award given by the National Association of Gifted Children. There is only one winner per state.


“To me art is not defined by countless paint brushes and paints. To me, it is a passion waiting to be excellently pursued. For me, art is a way for me to not only express my imagination, but also my talent, care, and appreciation towards my community. I had sparked an interest in art, which I predict, shall last a lifetime. The numerous accomplishments that I have achieved as an artist are as the “myriad grains of sand on a beach” (at least that is what it seems like) and my goals as an aspiring artist are high enough to reach the stars, generous enough to remain on earth. To me art is a way for me to be me.

My first solo art exhibit was held in the Boston Financial District, at age 8. Since then I have been very fortunate to have numerous solo exhibits, notably at the Massachusetts State House, Kimball Jenkins Estate, Boston Children’s Hospital, SNHU, and numerous local hospitals and libraries. Victory in various art contests, on the state, national and international level, gave me further confidence in my potential. My appearance in The Times of India, which has the largest circulation among all English reading newspapers, was another major milestone in my art journey.

My goals as an artist are ‘generously ambitious.’ For me, acclamation in the art world means that your art impacts the world. Nobility, recognition, and making a difference is exactly what I aspire to achieve. I think of my goals as a mountain and I believe that I have already started the climb. My paintings are to be found hanging proudly on every wall in Pentucket Medical Pediatrics, creating smiles on children’s faces, while establishing a cheerful and upbeat atmosphere. Making kids happy in times when they need it most makes me feel good.

Artists like Romero Britto have influenced my goals, as his focus is helping communities. I have a selfless ambition to create an event or program with my paintings that will aid endangered species and increase awareness of global warming. An earnest goal I have is to someday have my artwork displayed in the remarkable Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The climb to my goals is challenging, although possible.” 

--- Sana Nadkarni, age 11