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International Students' Language Workshop (ISLW)

These sessions are designed for UNH Law students whose first language is not English but all interested UNH Law students are invited to attend.

The ISLW is a weekly series of informal meetings designed to assist international students with their English language skills. Each meeting will focus on a specific topic dealing with grammar, paragraph and sentence structure, vocabulary and word choice, punctuation, writing style, and any other English language questions that participants may want to cover outside their regular classes.

In each workshop, we will review the principles governing the topic at hand and work on practice exercises. No preparation or homework is required. There are no exams or papers.

This is the schedule and we hope you will join us!

  • February 20: Writing Effective Sentences
  • March 6: When to use direct quotes from a case and when to paraphrase. How to punctuate and cite
  • March 13: When to use that and which, restrictive and non-restrictive clauses
  • March 20: Articles
  • March 27: Troublesome Words
  • April 3: Negotiation Language, including Money, Numbers, and Dates
  • April 17: Interviews and Networking at Conferences
  • April 24: Student Questions and Comments

Contact Us

Martha McEntee
Assistant Professor of Legal Skills
Co-Director of Graduate Programs Legal Skills
(603) 513-5169

Jennifer Davis
Professor of Legal Skills
Co-Director of Graduate Programs Legal Skills
(603) 513-5155

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