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Rudman Center - Warren B. Rudman Fellows 2014

Amelia (Amy) Nesheim, JD ’17

Windham, NH where Amelia (Amy) Nesheim grew up is known statewide for its big expensive houses and high incomes. However, Amy learned poverty exists in the U.S. in the most unexpected places when a Windham family she grew up with fell on hard times, brushing the specter of homelessness. This experience sparked an interest that led her to The Warren B. Rudman Fellowship at the UNH School of Law. Amy desires to work in the public interest to address homelessness in New Hampshire.

Amy graduated from Cornell University in 2014. A highlight of her undergraduate experience was a semester abroad living in Seville, Spain. Studying psychology, her major, in a foreign language was an interesting challege she surmounted very successfully. Early experiences traveling to Panama with a beloved family member may have paved the way for her success in Spanish, one of her undergraduate minors. Her other minor, Law & Society, helped coalesce her decision to pursue law.

When a sophomore at Cornell, she served as an Orientation Counselor for incoming freshman. However, her college experience was mostly characterized by the intensive study she loves to pursue, and participation in The CallbaXX all-female a cappella group. Amy soon was arranging songs for the group, and served as business manager, secretary, treasurer, and social chair. She concluded her time at Cornell as president of the group and arranged professional recordings on two separate occasions, including fundraising for the second project.

Amy looks forward to discovering how the Rudman Center will help her learn how best to serve struggling families in New Hampshire and she is immensely grateful for the opportunity.

Stephanie Ramirez, JD ’17

Born and raised in New York, Stephanie Ramirez graduated from the University at Buffalo with a B.A. in Social Sciences Interdisciplinary with a concentration in Legal Studies. 

Stephanie developed her passion for public service while working and volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician. Her love for service led her to take a position as the Student Life Coordinator/Community Service Director at Chester College of New England.

While working on campus, she organized various community service events and trips for the student body. In 2010, Stephanie was awarded Campus Compact for New Hampshire’s Presidents’ Good Steward Award for her contributions towards service on campus. Stephanie is excited to return to New Hampshire as a Warren B. Rudman Fellow.

She looks forward to integrating her passion for public service with her legal education at the University of New Hampshire’s School of Law.  She is truly grateful for the privilege.